The Snowshoe Racer Mindset: Relentless Patience and Flow

It is time to race. The Snowshoe racing mind-set is a really important part of competing well in snowshoe running that can be applied to other forms of running and endurance sports. When I first entered into snowshoe running and racing in 2013, I had the shot out of a cannon mentality. I would shootContinue reading “The Snowshoe Racer Mindset: Relentless Patience and Flow”

I’m Thirsty…I’m Hungry… A guide to snowshoe fueling and hydration needs.

So you have those new snowshoes. You have snow. You have the gear to go and run out there and have some fun. But now as you get outside to exercise snowshoeing makes you hungry and thirstier than you anticipated. Here are some of my simple observations while out on the snowy trails the lastContinue reading “I’m Thirsty…I’m Hungry… A guide to snowshoe fueling and hydration needs.”

I Have Snowshoes. What do I wear???

So you have your first pair of running snowshoes. You just received that first winter snow storm and you are itching to get outside and try those snowshoes out. But the next thing to consider is what to wear? From my time snowshoe running, this is a much more important topic than you think. ItContinue reading “I Have Snowshoes. What do I wear???”

So You Want to Run On Snowshoes?

So you want to run on snowshoes? Yes, you can do it. Yes, it is awesome. Yes it is really hard. But man is it worth it. I started my foray into snowshoe running in 2013, as I moved to Cortland, NY for Graduate School in Recreation Administration. I linked-up with New Hampshire-based, Acidotic RacingContinue reading “So You Want to Run On Snowshoes?”

What the Hell? Digging Deep At Hellgate +++

Opening Scene: I was battered, beaten, disoriented, and hungry. This was my Hell at Hellgate. I felt so disconnected from the race, from the world. I truly felt Lost. Lost in time, in space, in some type of limbo between reality and nightmare. This is Hellgate. Have you ever looked at your year and feltContinue reading “What the Hell? Digging Deep At Hellgate +++”