The NYC Marathon 2020: The Virtual Run

The New York City Marathon is an incredible race and event. I was lucky enough to run the race last year as my first World Major Marathon and I have to say that the whole atmosphere was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I finished the run on a true emotional high as I ranContinue reading “The NYC Marathon 2020: The Virtual Run”

IAU Solidarity 6 Hour in The Pine Barrens with Team USA: Bring on the Rain and the Bugs!

The Scene-Setter: Let me start by saying the Pine Barrens are an incredible place. Growing up in New Jersey, I have only been to the Pine Barrens as a young kid on a few school trips. I never really had a full-grasp or real understanding of what this region really was all about.

East VS West Coast Virtual Challenge- 50k

A couple of weeks ago I ran the East Coast Vs West Coast Challenge put on by Destination Trail and the Yeti Trail Runners. It was a fun challenge where 918 runners signed up to either run a 10k, Half-Marathon, or a 50k or in classic Michael Wardian fashion, run all the distances. This wouldContinue reading “East VS West Coast Virtual Challenge- 50k”

Towpath: A Run to Remember…Setting an FKT in the Time of Covid-19

On May 16th, 2020 at 8:20 am… I set out on a 70 mile long journey across one of New Jersey’s longest single foot trails to set a FKT (Fastest Known Time) on the trail and to remember and honor the lives lost due to Covid-19.  This would be a run that would change myContinue reading “Towpath: A Run to Remember…Setting an FKT in the Time of Covid-19”