Thresholds don’t exist in terms of our bodies. Our speed and strength depend on our body, but the real thresholds, those that make us give up or continue the struggle, those that enable us to fulfill our dreams, depend not on our bodies, but on our minds and the hunger we feel to turn dreams into reality.”
Kilian Jornet, Run or Die

TSP Solo, The Build-up: A Call to Arms

Please Help in making TSP a reality for me. and Donate to my GoFundme: So what is the Speed Project? I only heard about the event through the social media web a couple of years ago and only soon learned about the Solo edition when David Kilgore set the record in 2021. Without ever…

2022 Year in Review

2022 was a wonderful year. I have been able to build my personal business as well as achieve tons of amazing running goals and adventures I had always dreamed of doing. From the running side of things: I started the year on the snow with snowshoeing and was able to aim at going for a…

The Millinocket Marathon. A true Northern Maine Experience

Running a marathon in Northern Maine in December? Yes, that is my type of event. I have heard great things about the Millinocket Marathon, an event that truly brings what is best about Maine and New England all together on 1 day. The Millinocket Marathon, started by Gary Allen was created out of generating…

Bringing on the Hurtz at the Tesla Hertz 157 mile

So if you said that I would run 157.2 miles in the Pine Barrens of Long Island in New York in October, I would say “No way”. But I did. And what ensued in the race was one of the highlights of my year in my running for 2022. The Tesla Hertz has been going…

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