Future Projects

Future Goal Races:

Cocodona 250 , Triple Crown of 200’s: Bigfoot 200, Tahoe 200, Moab 240, Spartathlon, Badwater 135, Vol State 500k, Western States 100, Hong Kong 100,Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji, 100 miles of Istria, Spine Race, and set fastest marathons on North and South Poles. Run the Delerious West and Unreasonable East 200 milers in Australia and set fastest combined times for both–East/West Challenge. And to run as the fastest American at Marathon Des Sables.

Multi-Day Stage Races:

4 Deserts Race Series–Atacama, Gobi, Namib, Antarctica

Grand to Grand Ultra

Beyond the Ultimate Ice Ultra and Desert Ultra

Fire and Ice Ultra

Ultra X races and World Championships for Stage racing.

Annapurna Ultra

Manasalu Mountain Trail Race

Arctic Ultras:

The Iditarod Trail Invitational 350 miler and 1,000 mile foot race

Drift 100

Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra

6633 Ultra

Arrowhead 135

Snowshoe Running Ultra Distance Goals:

Set the fastest recorded times for distances 50k to 100 miles running while on snowshoes.

Start my own Snowshoe running Multi-day stage challenge.

Run 200 miles on Snowshoes?

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