Partners & Sponsors

I am excited to be working with T8 apparel as my Apparel Sponsor. After chafe took me out of a 100 miler, I sought out an apparel solution that would eliminate that problem. T8 is made up of a crew of Australian Ultra Runners living in Asia that have created the best solutions for the hot and sticky conditions of Hong Kong and around the world. Their Commando boxer and Sherpa Short are “best in class”. Supercool, light, chafe-free with the best storage of any short I have ever worn, T8 is a major player in running long an strong in pure comfort. I will never look at racing 200 milers in fear with T8. Their Slogan: “Mind Over Mountain” is a philosophy that jives well with Cresting the Summit as ultras to me are about exploring our endless potential no matter how daunting the challenge. T8 also looks to give back to the trail running community through charity, community, and inspiration through running and their gear, something I truly look to do myself.
I am now working with Swiftwick Socks. I have been wearing their socks in training for years in my sock rotation but now am excited to be working with them as an Athlete Ambassador. Swiftwick offers a diverse range of performance socks utilizing innovative fibers and a fit that is just perfect. At Cocodona, Swiftwick socks helped save my blistered feet in the later stages of the race. From minimal designs, trail specific offerings and fashion styles that support our National Parks, this Brentwood, Tennessee company is such an awesome brand to work with.
I am excited to be an officially be a Nathan Sports Ambassador though I have worked for the brand as a Tech Rep and have had the support of Nathan since 2015. Nathan is your essentials experts from everything from hydration, visibility, gear and now apparel. They keep me running stronger and longer than ever before!
I am happy to be on the Squirrel Nut Butter Elite Adventure Team for 2022. Chaffing is bad and after using SNB at the NJ Westfield timed ultra, it has been something I have needed for all of my training and racing. After my DNF at Virgil Crest 100 mile due to chafe, SNB will help me never have to worry about chafe woes ever again. As I continue to push my limits in races 100 miles and beyond in the multi-day world, SNB will be a valuable partner in getting me to the finish healthy.
For 2022, I have signed with UCAN as my go-to nutrition and fuel source for all of my training and racing. A company ultrarunners may not know of but they should. As I switched to a more fat-adapted state of training and racing, my standard race fuel wasn’t working. As I linked up with some new coaches, they recommended UCAN. UCAN out of Connecticut, (GO NEW ENGLAND) was founded out of providing a stable energy source for children that had difficulty processing glucose (aka sugar). UCAN instead of spiking your insulin, performs like fats and proteins–giving your body the complex carbs it needs but funneling a steady stream of energy and power without any of the dips and spikes. Superstarch aka Livsteady is the name of this revolutionary fuel as top marathoners like Meb Keflezighi, Sara Hall, Emma Bates and many others swear by the stable fuel source. Ultrarunners, take note. This might be the magic you have been missing.
If you want running snowshoes, you need Dions. Bob and Denise Dion have created the “best in class” running shoes. They are modular so you can change the cleats based on your snow conditions, and a binding if it gets well-worn. This allows you to replace the parts of the snowshoe that need it, rather than buying a whole new one. These have been my trusted brand and my first I wore when I got into snowshoe running in 2012. If you like bounding through the snow as blistering fast paces like a snow hare, than Dions are your best bet.
I am excited to be joining the Trails Collective Elite Team for 2022 and beyond. The Trails Collective is your do-everything resource for trail and ultra running happening on the East Coast. As a runner that has built my career out here on the East, I see this as a great opportunity to give back to building both athletes and the races we run here on the East. We do not get the true credit we deserve and I hope I can share my knowledge and passion of the sport to help inspire future East coast athletes to gain the media attention and sponsorship opportunities they deserve.
With helping to get Confluence Running started as a business while I was in Graduate School, I like to think that I will forever be tied to the Confluence Running store and community. Matt, Jenna, Chris and company run a great business now with stores all across the region. From humble beginnings in Binghamton, NY now reaching Corning, Goshen and more. They have been advocates of myself in my professional and athletic careers throughout my time so I thank them all for their support.

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