2021 Results

May 15th–Manchester 2 Monadnock 55 Mile Ultra (New Hampshire)

Result: 1st Place in time of 8:46:03

June 4th –CUT 112 (Connecticut Ultra Traverse)–Running the Full-length of my 2nd State. Made it to Castle Craig–56 miles and had to drop due to ankle injury.

July 24: MCM Westfield Ultra 9 hour —- 1st place in 60 miles.

September 11th–The Virgil Crest Ultras 100 miler (Cortland, NY)-“Where it all began for me”–Result–DNF on 100 mile but 100k finish.

Oct 3rd: Maine Marathon–Running for a Boston Marathon Qualifier –Result–10th place in 2:39. Qualified for Boston.

Run Across Rhode Island FKT–26.6 mile training run for Hellgate Finished running 6:28 per mile and 2 hours 51 minutes finish time.

December 11th: Hellgate 66 miler. Going back to get another Patagonia Puffy Jacket. –Got the Jacket. Ran 10th overall and 9th male. 12:27:56.

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