Cole Crosby

Cole Crosby

Cole is an endurance runner competing in trail, ultra-marathon, snowshoe, and road races. His goal is to excel at distances ranging from 100 to 300+ miles, having currently completed 346 miles in 92 hours 57 minutes. He aspires to be a multi-day ultra specialist.

What is ‘Cresting the Summit’?

Cresting the Summit is all about striving to get the best out of yourself, and your business, each and every day. When I started my running journey I dreamed that I could achieve great results. I’m proud of where I am today, but still hungry to reach new summits, both on and off the trail!

Life is not about the end destination, but about the journey. The miles we put on our bodies, the sweat, the tears, the victories, the heartaches. They’re all steps in reaching our summit. But there is always another mountain to conquer! There’s no better feeling than seeing the sunrise on a beautiful peak after grinding uphill miles before.

Cresting the Summit represents the glory of working hard and achieving the best. Along with my personal aspirations, I apply this philosophy in all my business pursuits and hope to share it with others.

Thanks for your support! – Cole

Quest in que…

Quebec Mega Trail 100 miler. Win a trip to run Grand Raid/Diagonal De Fous

Latest result…

First Solo Runner to ever complete the OG route at TSP. 346 miles in 92 hours and 57 minutes.

Cole’s Running Schedule & Resume