Rainy Days: Tussey Mountainback USATF 50mi Road Championships

I have run this race many times. Every time I ran in the past, my finishes were 3rd place. I always struggled in the late stages of the course. Tussey is my kind of ultra!  With about 6k of elevation gain on rolling gravel roads, this USA 50 mile Road championship course is one that aContinue reading “Rainy Days: Tussey Mountainback USATF 50mi Road Championships”

2019 Cayuga Trails USATF 50mi Trail Championships

Two years before this 2019 race, I had placed 5th at Cayuga Trails which was a vindicating performance for me after having numerous issues and drops at this event. I felt that I would let this event rest, but with it being the USA 50 mile trail championships one more time, I guess this was aContinue reading “2019 Cayuga Trails USATF 50mi Trail Championships”