2022 Year in Review

2022 was a wonderful year. I have been able to build my personal business as well as achieve tons of amazing running goals and adventures I had always dreamed of doing.

From the running side of things:

I started the year on the snow with snowshoeing and was able to aim at going for a fastest 100 mile on snowshoes in recorded history at the Peak Races Snow Devil 100 mile. The race started in a blizzard with 18 inches of snow that fell the night before and during the race. On a course with 30,000 ft of vert, I managed 90 miles before being cut-off from an official finish in 31 hours. The race provided almost NO Support which pushed Ashlee and my new coaches to step up and really take care of me as I almost froze after each 10k lap. I will look to go after a 100 mile record run on snowshoes in 2023 but at a different race and venue.

I then traveled to Cable, Wisconsin for the Snowshoe Nationals at the Lakewood Resort. I put together my best National race with a 2nd place to legend, Eric Hartmark. It was a guy’s trip with my father and we had a blast seeing everyone and reuniting back at Nationals after Covid took out the event the past two years.

I then ran my first Boston Marathon and fundraised for the Red Sox Foundation. They support numerous organizations in the Boston community so it was great to partner with them. I went out hard and then turned the race into a workout for Cocodona 250 mile. I finished in 2:44 which I was pleased with after having some issues getting water at the water stops.

Then I had my major “A” race of the year. The Cocodona 250 was a Christmas present from my wife, Ashlee and it was a true family adventure. It was such an incredible experience and an amazing trip out in the desert of Arizona. I turned a near DNF into a 12th place finish and a true story of resilience. I spent more than half of the race with blisters for feet, I battled dehydration and sleep deprivation, bruised knees and much more. When things would get tough and I was on the ropes, myself and my crew would rally time and time again. This was a race I was not supposed to finish and yet I managed a strong finish splitting the last mile in the low 6 minute mile range!

The Summer had me focus on work and staying local. My next race was the Gunstock Trail Festival in New Hampshire where I reconnected with Peter Ward and ran a CR and 1st place at the 80k in extreme heat/humidity (96 degree heat index). This race was a resume-builder for an application to the World Mountain Running Team 80k.

I logged my miles and enjoyed the summer in Providence and along New England.

At the End of the Summer, we traveled out to Argentina for the World Snowshoe Championships. This was one of the real highlights of the year. From Buenos Aires, Neuquén, to Caviahue in Northern Patagonia right near Chile, we had a true authentic tour of Argentina. Our US team did amazing! We placed 2nd as a team for the US Men, Ladies won gold. Jennifer Britz a world champion, 2 junior champions, numerous age-group winners and much more. I finished 11th in a gusty race having some breathing issues with the higher altitude but rallied the second half of the race.

Work picked-up for my Fall Pre-book season so that took my focus.

I did run the Tesla Hertz ultra in Long Island in October and the 157.2 mile distance. I have been nursing a sore IT band all summer so being able to win and run a CR in 31 hours 27 minutes was a great confidence boost. A deceptively hard course, I put together a strong race that I was really proud of.

I raced some events with the Central Mass Striders, a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving weekend and then closed out the year with the Millinocket Marathon where I ran in 2nd most of the way but finished 5th in 2:40’s after freezing up from 33 degree weather with pounding rain.

2022 for me was a year to get to do a few races and trips I had always wanted to do. I had never run the Boston Marathon so its awesome now that I can officially say that I am a Boston Marathon finisher. The crowd and ambiance of the race is pretty cool. Cocodona was a magical experience. My big “A” goal and always wanting to run a 200 miler, Cocodona was everything I could have hoped for and more. I did not have my best executed race, but the things I learned along the way, the support from my crew and the community was really special. It was a crash-course on 200’s and really has set me up to really excel at that type of race in the future.

The summer was quiet for me. I just focused on training and work. I did run the Gunstock 80k which gave me some crazy hot conditions to race in. I managed a solid performance considering the 95 degree temps and sky high 80% humidity.

I wrestled with an IT band/knee issue all year after Hellgate. I have been able to keep it at bay and since racing using KT tape on the area in question, I have been able to perform the way I want to without any discomfort. Much of my Winter focus will be on some continued strengthening and rehab of the area.

As I evaluate 2022, it was an amazing year. I had the chance to travel and race both in snowshoe and in ultras. I spent some time in New England and the Northeast racing local and giving back to events which is something I like to schedule-out each year. Rhode Island and the Providence area continues to be an amazing training ground for me. I can get just about everything here to prepare for tough ultras minus high altitude. Plus, Rhode Island gets soooo many days of beautiful sunshine that even when cold, it is still lovely out.

What are my goals for 2023???

100 miles on snowshoes. Set the fastest time in history for the distance in a race. Time to beat is 24:52 that was set in 1996 by Mark Macy at Iditashoe. This is about as much documented of such a feat as I can find. I hope that I can help grow ultra snowshoe running as a discipline.

Grow the sport of snowshoe running and build its legitimacy being in new leadership roles with the USA Association and World Snowshoe Federation.

Run a multi-day stage race and begin my journey in that discipline. Right now I am looking at 5-day events that are affordablefrom Boston. Ultra X Wales in England is my target pick so far.

Run more higher-profile events. This may be more of a 2024 goal but East Coast athletes have not really recieved much respect in the world of ultras for quite some time. It is time for some East Coasters to show we can compete at UTMB, Western States, Golden Ticket races etc. I have never run a Golden Ticket race but I hope to do so as I think I am at my highest fitness-level I have ever been. Time to roll the dice.

Become an expert in the extremes. My goal as an athlete is to compete and build a skill-set focused on races in both extreme hot and extreme cold. I have an idea of being the fastest to run the winter Arrowhead 135 and Badwater 135. Who knows, maybe be the first to win both. I want to qualify for the Iditarod Trail Invitational, Spartathlon, run the grand slam of 200’s and be a 4 Deserts champion. I still would like sponsor help here to financially be able to travel and compete in these events. Set the records for the North Pole and South Pole Marathons, be the top American at Marathon Des Sables and more. I think I have a calling here and while others chase Western States and UTMB glory, I think I am going to carve out my own destiny.

Have fun in Providence and be more active in the New England Running Community.

Happy New Year everyone!

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