The Build-up: NJ Point 2 Point Run

What does it take to run 189 miles? What does it take to run 189 miles in Winter?

What it takes is a drive and passion to remain consistent, strong, and focused; knowing that your ultimate goal is just 189 some miles away.

On January 9th, I will be running approximately the length of the state of NJ from High Point State Park to the Cape May Point Lighthouse. I have coined the run the Point-2-Point NJ run and I am looking forward to seeing what I can do. I am also fundraising for the Road Runners Club of America as without road races happening this year: funding for their youth program: Kids Run the Nation has taken a massive hit in funding it receives by way of having charity road races and events all across the country. This pandemic I feel has really affected us all but especially our youth. With virtual learning and the lack of physical interaction with their peers, to sports being canceled completely, kids are in need of programs that will help them get outside and exercise and help improve their health and wellness. Running has given me so much in my life that I want this run to inspire future generations to get outside and be active and pursue their own dreams. By supporting this cause, proceeds will help kids all over the country get outside and get healthy through the programs the RRCA provides. Check out my link to the fundraiser below:

The distance of the run is approximately 189 miles but could be a little more based on the intel I have gathered about the route.

My inspiration for this run came last January of 2020 as I wondered if anyone had ever run the whole state of New Jersey. I then soon found that there was a great documentary made about two men: Ryan Donelly and Anthony Russo who made the journey in 2016. It is called the NJ 184 and their video can be found out on YouTube.

After watching this documentary, I knew that I would give this a go at some point. Enter the crazy year that 2020 was- races cancelled and all of my plans for the year spoiled like so many others. I have spent this year of 2020 building my strength and resolve to be able to tackle this wild route and distance come January 9th, 2021. Much of my time growing up, I have been told that I am not good enough or that my goals are just too lofty. This run is for all of you out there that have repressed pursuing your dreams because no matter how lofty or crazy that dream might sound, you can achieve it and make it a reality.

Normally before an adventure like this I would be nervous or scared of what I might encounter, but I feel calm yet razor-sharp in my will and determination of crossing that imaginary finish line.

What I have learned in my 9 + years of ultrarunning is that no distance is too great to reach, as long you are determined enough and smart enough to get to where you need to be. I have spent my final month or so making sure not to push myself too hard as this whole year has been preparation for my run. I think that often as athletes, we focus on what we can control right then and now and loose sight that the big gains in our fitness come over years of adaptations rather than in weeks and even in months.

I have been running ever since 6th grade and have logged over 10,000 hours of time running. All of those miles have prepared me for this run and I feel more ready than ever.

Goals for the run:

1. I hope to finish around 40 hours. By averaging 15 minutes a mile, I think that this can be done. I plan on running my miles 9-10 minutes with short breaks every 20-25 miles of 15-25 minutes to refuel and work on any needed recovery. I do not plan on sleeping much if at all for this attempt and but realistically, you never know what you might get come race day. I do hope that with a smart pacing approach, I can open things up later in the run and finish between 30-35 hours. My goal for this run is to give myself a shot to qualify for the famous Spartatholon race in Greece.

2. Share the Journey. I really look forward to sharing this run with everyone through my Instagram and social media accounts.

3. The first half is the easy part. My plan for the first half is to run 100 miles in about 16-18 hours and then keep that effort going as long as. I can for the remainder.

4. Have a blast! Running is about having fun and I cannot wait to use my own two feet to move me through all of New Jersey, my home state.

5. Eat some good food! Running this distance means that some pizza and other good food might be the magic ticket to finishing well.

So back to the question at hand: What does it take to run 189 miles all at once across New Jersey?

Well, we will have to find out on January 9th!

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