IAU Solidarity Run with Team USA!

When I applied for this opportunity, I felt like it might be a pipedream that I would be selected…

I have grinded my way through some decent results in ultrarunning the past 8 years and I finally feel like I am starting to come into my own. I was beyond excited when I was one of 6 men selected to represent the USA at the IAU Global Solidarity Run on August 29th-30th. As of 8/24- there are 420 runners representing 34 nations!

Click here for the full American Trail Running Association Article.

This is my first Official USA Ultrarunning team selection and I am so excited to represent the USA along with so many other incredible athletes.

Cole Crosby, 31, Princeton, NJ 

Kallin Khan, 23, Lisle, IL

David Kilgore, 28, New York, NY 

Jon Olsen, 45, Modesto, CA 

Michael Wardian, 45, Arlington, VA 

Sam Skeels, 42, Adrian, MI 


Emily Harrison Torrence, 34, Flagstaff, AZ 

Sabrina Little, 34, Morehead, KY 

Elizabeth Northern, 33, Fort Worth, TX 

Courtney Olsen, 33, Bellingham, WA –

Emily Schmitz, 39, Wauwatosa, WI 

Trisha Steidl, 43, Seattle, WA 

With really no competitions happening and my season goals changed- this is the perfect opportunity to pivot and see what I am capable of for a 50+ mile all-out-effort.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown here in New Jersey, I ran a 50 mile time trial in place of my Towpath FKT run you can read in the link below about that day and pushing myself through the blustery conditions.


This run is my redemption at trying to run a 50 mile PR and my hopes is to compete well with others from all across the world.

I have had about 3 weeks or so to prepare and I feel that my fitness is better than ever for this distance. I am hoping that on Saturday, my legs and lungs will help push me to 50 miles in a time between: 5 hours and 30 minutes to 5 hours and 40 minutes as my PR is right near 5:40:52 for the distance. I will need to average 6:36-6:48 a mile for 50 miles in order to reach my goal.

Along with this run, I am looking to fundraise for Hands In 4 Youth out of West Milford, NJ. Access to the outdoors is not equal and this organization provides life-changing outdoor experiences for youth that may not have this experience otherwise and your donations will help subsidize these programs for families that would struggle to be able to pay for them. I have gained so much from my time being spent in the outdoors that I hope you can rally with me to support an organization that truly gives back.


Follow along on Saturday: August, 29th as I embark on a 6 hour adventure with many other runners from around the world- in a friendly competition of solidarity in such a wild and crazy year.

Thank you to everyone that has been incredible units of support throughout my time in the Ultrarunning world:

My sensational wife : Ashlee Prewitt-Crosby

My father-Chuck

My families: the Crosbys, Prewitts, Reeves, Offenburgers, Shaffers, Levines To name as many as I can remember- Thank you!

Thank you to these Brand Partners that I have helped me in my many miles:

361 USA

Janji Apparel

Nathan Hydration and Sports Essentials

Fits Socks

Boom Nutrition

Dion Snowshoes


Red Newt Racing

Coros Global

Confluence Running and Finger Lakes Running Company

SUNY Cortland and SUNY Oneonta XC/TF

This photo was taken from my last official race: The Caumsett 50k in 2020 with the top 5 guys and 4 of them are on the team with me: Kallin Khan on the far right, then Michael Wardian third from the right, Sam Skeels next down and then myself on the far left.

Good Luck to Everyone and Let’s get after it Team USA!!!!

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