I am an experienced sales and merchandising professional with a passion for recreation, leisure, and the stories behind athletic products and services we love. I have worked in athletic retail sales, field and retail merchandising, corporate sponsorships, community outreach, and event design. My interests include brand symbolism, prospect and product research, and connecting with others through the creation of memorable and innovative experiences.

I hold a Master degree in Recreation Management of Leisure Services and I have 10 years of experience, having worked directly in the golf and run-specialty industries.

My work is to provide branding, sales, and merchandise strategy in the athletic, recreation, and leisure markets. I partner with retailers, wholesalers, sales professionals, corporate sponsors, nonprofits, athletes, and brand ambassadors.

For Business Partners

I collaborate with businesses to deliver incredible brand stories and drive sales. This work is tailored directly to the needs of each individual business with which I partner. Through branding, sales, and merchandise strategies, our work together will supply you with a plan that can, among many things, expand brand identity and awareness, define appropriate visual representation, and increase customer interest and loyalty. My services may include:

  • Territory sales & consulting
  • Brand development & seasonal campaigning
  • Inventory planning & visual merchandising (store layout/displays, etc.)
  • Product demos & clinics
  • Brand ambassador & athlete programs
  • Community outreach
  • Strategies for driving foot-traffic
  • Select market analysis
  • Inventory & retail sales management
  • Operations, expansions, & grand openings
  • Event planning, promotions, & sponsorship
  • Event merchandising

For Athletes

In addition to performance consulting, I work with athletes to develop personal brand strategies and build business partnerships. As an athlete myself, I deeply identify with the need for support of athletes and the growth of individual sports. Further, I’ve experienced first-hand the synchronicity of having strong business partnerships with which I can be proud to represent. Through personal branding strategies, we can develop an integrated plan that will help you connect with audiences and sponsors. My services may include:

  • Performance consulting
  • Competition scheduling
  • Networking
  • Branding & sponsorship strategies
  • Community outreach & giving back

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