The NYC Marathon 2020: The Virtual Run

The New York City Marathon is an incredible race and event. I was lucky enough to run the race last year as my first World Major Marathon and I have to say that the whole atmosphere was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I finished the run on a true emotional high as I ran a solid 2:37 marathon time after placing 2nd at the Tussey Mountainback 50 miler 6 days prior. This year in 2020, things have been completely altered and having such a positive experience with NYC last year, I knew I had to run the Virtual marathon this year. How did it all go? Well let’s find out…

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IAU Solidarity 6 Hour in The Pine Barrens with Team USA: Bring on the Rain and the Bugs!

The Scene-Setter:

Let me start by saying the Pine Barrens are an incredible place. Growing up in New Jersey, I have only been to the Pine Barrens as a young kid on a few school trips. I never really had a full-grasp or real understanding of what this region really was all about.

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IAU Solidarity Run with Team USA!

When I applied for this opportunity, I felt like it might be a pipedream that I would be selected…

I have grinded my way through some decent results in ultrarunning the past 8 years and I finally feel like I am starting to come into my own. I was beyond excited when I was one of 6 men selected to represent the USA at the IAU Global Solidarity Run on August 29th-30th. As of 8/24- there are 420 runners representing 34 nations!

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East VS West Coast Virtual Challenge- 50k

A couple of weeks ago I ran the East Coast Vs West Coast Challenge put on by Destination Trail and the Yeti Trail Runners.

It was a fun challenge where 918 runners signed up to either run a 10k, Half-Marathon, or a 50k or in classic Michael Wardian fashion, run all the distances. This would be my first virtual run and coming off of the Towpath FKT, I felt recovered enough to give it a go and represent the Beast Coast as best as I could. There was some hype around the event from the East Coast Trail and Ultrarunners Facebook page and it was really cool to see all of the posts from fellow runners completing their races.

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Towpath: A Run to Remember…Setting an FKT in the Time of Covid-19

On May 16th, 2020 at 8:20 am…

I set out on a 70 mile long journey across one of New Jersey’s longest single foot trails to set a FKT (Fastest Known Time) on the trail and to remember and honor the lives lost due to Covid-19.  This would be a run that would change my life.

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